What does HealthSols do? 

  • Our vision is to simplify healthcare by making quality healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient

  • HealthSols connects the entire health ecosystem together – patients, doctors, pharmacy, diagnostics, hospitals, Home care nurses and Medical equipment vendors, to generate exceptional value and service for all, so that patients can have one seamless experience, irrespective of their need

What are the products offered by HealthSols for consumers?

  • High quality doctor visits that start on time Know more

  • Health Gold package - Unlimited online consultations per year at lowest cost Know more

  • Online Consultation  – Virtual consults with quality doctors anytime, anywhere.

  • We offer Home Healthcare (Nursing) Services at reasonable cost Know more

What are the products offered by HealthSols for doctors?

  • HealthSols Profile – Build your digital presence and create a free HealthSols profile so more patients can discover you and find more information about you

  • Consult – Consult patients online, or offer follow-ups to your clinic patients

What measures does HealthSols have in place for the protection of user data security and privacy?

  •  Safety of your data is our top priority. We have multi-level security checks, multiple data backups, and stringent   policies in place to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

Terms & Conditions:

- Every service will have some discounts and every discount will have some particular terms as minimum cart value should be more than 1000 Rupees.

- No Returns will be entertained once sold.

- The announced discount on home page purely for the first time use only. After that for every consecutive use, customer will get less than 20%.

- If the order is less than 1000 Rupees, there will be a minimum delivery charge for every order.