5 Top Fake Posts Spreading All Over Social Media On Covid-19 Treatment

Hello all, we are facing severe crisis with novel corona virus and many people are dying because of it. According to ministry of health, the total active covid-19 cases in India are around 26.8+ lakh and total reported deaths are 192311.{4} Second wave is much rapidly spreading and causing more deaths, people are suffering with lack of oxygen, beds and some required medical drugs. However in India around 14 crore people were vaccinated but still everyone should be careful because even vaccine is not 100% effective.

In this critical situation, some spammers are spreading fake news and posts containing corona treatments and tips. DO NOT BELIEVE ALL THESE and put your health in more risk. The Top Fake Posts are...

  1. Here they mentioned in Telugu that wrapping ajwain, camphor, clove etc in a cloth and inhaling overnight will increase oxygen levels immediately.

According to WHO there is no scientific evidence to back the claim. In-fact, some chest specialists & other healthcare professionals called this claim a myth, as there is no proof that camphor,clove or ajwain can increase blood oxygen or provide relief during respiratory distress.{1}

2. India's highest circulating and common fake treatment "GOMUTRA"

As we all know in India, we treat cow as a goddess and worship but we should also admit that anyone's urine (human or animal) will not cure any disease as urine itself is the waste product to be excreted from the body. Usually body takes useful contents and excrete unwanted things by filtration. So, obviously it contains unwanted or waste products and it may harm your health by taking it. {6}

3. Facebook post claiming that someone had invented the corona treatment with only 1 rupee

In this post it's mentioned that the person invented treatment costs only 1 rupee and the treatment is to put some drops of lemon juice inside the nostrils and then some drops of coconut oil in nostrils.

This is absolutely fake and don't put any juice or oil in your nostrils. This may cause breathing difficulty, continuous cough, painful pressure behind eyes etc.{5}

4. Post claiming covid-19 can be cured by using pawpaw tree, plantain stem, scent leaf and garlic mixture

"We started this work with the opioid crisis and have been performing research like this for many years in order to detect illicit drug dealers," said Timothy Mackey, associate adjunct professor at UCSD School of Medicine and lead author of the study. "We are now using some of those same techniques in this study to identify fake COVID-19 products for sale. From March to May 2020, we have identified nearly 2,000 fraudulent postings likely tied to fake COVID-19 health products, financial scams, and other consumer risk."

According to Mackey, the fraudulent posts came in two waves focused on unproven marketing claims for prevention or cures and fake testing kits. He said the third wave of fake pharmaceutical treatments is now materializing and will worsen when public health officials announce the development of an effective vaccine or other treatments.{2}

5. The last and final which is spreading from the beginning of the pandemic, claiming that virus can be eliminated within 4 days of infection by gargling with hot water & salt, vinegar etc

This is one of the biggest fake and baseless post as the virus will not stay for particular time in throat or any other body parts. These spammers are making people fools by their posts. Virus will start reproduction immediately after entering the host and will reproduce thousands of identical copies of original virus and spread all over body immediately then only will get symptoms like cough, cold or pains etc

So guys please don't believe this type of posts anywhere and fall sick. Please report immediately on these posts to be deleted and be cautious at present situation. Wear the mask and maintain social distance.{3}

Stay Safe & Healthy.

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